CarLock GPS Tracker

See your car more real-time and keep your data longer!

After a lot of development and upgrades we are proud to offer you 2 new extended features that can further improve your CarLock experience.

At CarLock, we are driven to deliver features you request.

And today is the first step to offering you a CarLock experience more suited to your needs.

(Definately not the last one, we promise.)

Our minimum quality standards are already very high (also judging by our competition), but we understand some of you want more.

Better and faster.

So today is a big day for us offering these new possibilites for the first time, but hopefully even bigger for those of you excited about taking advantage of them.

New Feature #1 – Faster refresh rate

Normally, a CarLock device sends out its position every 30 seconds.

Then it might take a few additional seconds to see the change on your device due to the nature of the system (network delay, data processing, etc).

As you might know, we are striving to make real-time really real-time.

Now we achieved a major milestone.

We are happy to announce we were able to reduce this delay by half!

Your CarLock device can now update your location every 15 seconds which means more real-time and more accurate data faster!

PLEASE NOTE: Refresh rate doesn’t affect the speed of notifications.

New Feature #2 – Longer data retention

We’ve been very restricted with how much data points we could store and offer you in the form of logs.

This is now changing as well.

Maybe you log your trips for tax purposes.

Or you got an unjustified speeding ticket last summer

Whatever the reason, you can now check your journeys and have access to the data for up to a year.

Awesome right?


You can find these new features in our new STANDARD PLUS (+) plan.

As these features require certain software and data storage upgrades we unfortunately can’t offer them for free.

But we are committed to keeping our prices fair and reasonable, so we are offering them for only $2, £ or € more.

You can now choose the STANDARD PLUS (+) plan in app. If you are not sure how to do that, please check How to manage your CarLock Subscription.

That’s all for now, we are looking forward to your feedback and ideas.