As of 31/12/2020 OnStar is no longer available in UK and Europe. But some services were still available to users with yearly subscriptions until 31/12/2021. Make your car safe today and replace your OnStar system with CarLock. Find out how to get a discount on your new CarLock device and additional months of free subscription below

Peace of mind is the core of CarLock and if you previously used OnStar, you know why it is such a sought out feeling. And this is why as of 2022 we would like to extend the opportunity to get a 20 % discount on CarLock device for any OnStar user that would like to start using CarLock (even in countries where OnStar is still active). All you need to do to benefit from this offer is to follow the steps below:

1. Take a photo of your OnStar button in your car and the proof of using OnStar services (purchased subscription)

2. Send us the photos at info@carlock.co. The email subject line should be as follows: CarLock 20% OFF discount code (Replace my OnStar)

3. As soon as we receive the photos, we’ll provide you with a unique 20% OFF Amazon discount code for a new CarLock device. 

4. Once the CarLock device is activated, we’ll provide you with 2 months of free subscription (+ the 1st month is completely free!). 

We believe CarLock will bring you that peace of mind you are searching for and more! Contact us today and keep your vehicle connected!

The CarLock Team