Car stolen - 4x4 anti theft
Success Stories

4×4 was Stolen in 2 minutes but Retrieved Quickly with CarLock

Imagine a morning when you wake up, get your car keys to go to work, but your car is gone. 

You have no idea where it is and what happened to it. Panicked and stressed about the financial loss and all the trouble that will follow in the future dealing with the police, insurance, buying a new car etc.

This can easily happen if you are not prepared before something bad happens.

Prepared like Vanessa was.

Vanessa had a secret weapon in her car that enabled her to get her 4×4 back.

“It took them 2 minutes”

Vanessa wrote this in her review:

“We woke this morning to find our car had been stolen from our driveway, upon checking our CCTV we could see that two men had come at 1am and it took them 2 minutes to break into and steal our 4×4. We tracked the car to the exact location it had been taken and collected it.”

When something bad happens, you will be very glad you have a backup.

A device that can alert you or recover what was lost.

A device like CarLock.

Dealing with Car Theft is Very Real

Vanessa is aware of how thieves steal cars just like hers:

“When large cars are stolen their method is to steal the cars, leave them very locally parked for 2-3 days to see if you have a tracker and then they return to pick the car up later on.”

With the experience of having her car stolen, she became an advocate of CarLock.

“This is the best thing I’ve ever bought and I highly recommend. The location is completely accurate, shows the route they took etc. 

Thank you Car Lock!!!”

These real-life stories motivate us here at CarLock to continue our quest and bring that extra peace bit of peace of mind to each CarLock user.

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