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Karen Caught the Driver who Reversed into her Modified Audi

Karen was visiting her parents when someone reversed into her car. Luckily she had CarLock installed and could quickly respond and catch the driver who could otherwise drive off leaving her to pay for the repairs.

CarLock is equipped with a vibration sensor that is triggered when a certain level of shock or vibration is detected. Karen got a “Vibration detected” notification which warned her something is going on.

CarLock Security Notifications

So many car owners have to pay for the repairs themselves because they don’t know what is happening with their cars. Karen is not one of them. She told us her story:

CarLock helped me when someone reversed into my car. I was visiting my parents house and was parked at the bottom of their driveway in their cul-de-sac. Someone reversed out from the parking space across the road and reversed into my rear quarter.

If it wasn’t for CarLock I would not have known it had happened! Luckily the “vibration detected” alert when off so I ran outside and caught the other driver! I was able to get his details and he paid for the repairs.

If I didn’t see CarLock he may have drove off and I would have had to pay for the repairs myself!

With CarLock you have a much better chance of protecting your car in case of break-ins and many other different scenarios. You can find what happened to other CarLock customers here:

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