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Dodge Challenger Saved by CarLock

Luis got a “Vibration detected” notification in the middle of the night while sleeping. He reacted immediately and prevented the theft of his Dodge Challenger.

Dodge Chargers and Challengers are 5 times more likely to be stolen than an average vehicle. This is why it’s so important to keep them protected. CarLock is another layer of security that can bring you peace of mind knowing you can react quickly if something is going on and recover your vehicle.

Luis faced 2 incidents in just 6 weeks. We asked him what happened and this is what he shared:

“The first alert was at 2:30am, I was sleeping, the notification woke me instantly and I grabbed my cell and called the security to check the cameras (I live in a community) he couldn’t tell much because visibility wasn’t the best, while on the phone with him I received a second vibration detected notification, so he decided to walk over and saw three male subjects, one in a getaway car, one behind the car as a lookout and one inside the vehicle, he confronted them and they left immediately and left a few tools behind. That was the second incident within 6 weeks.”

Check the other photos of the incident Luis sent us:

This is unfortunately the current reality.

It’s up to us to protect our cars and other valuables.

Invest in your peace of mind today by purchasing CarLock:

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