aftermarket car alarm

Aftermarket Car Alarm

Today, when you purchase a vehicle, it will come with a basic car alarm installed. Some people feel that this is plenty of protection for their car, but that is rarely the case. The standard alarms simply don’t have all of the features and benefits that you can find with aftermarket car alarms. Even those with a system that comes with a key fob to offer keyless entry, and a remote start system aren’t good enough to truly keep your car safe.

What Is an Aftermarket Car Alarm?

An aftermarket car alarm is any alarm system that is installed to replace the one that came with the vehicle. These systems tend to be relatively complicated, and they will often require a professional for installation.

This is an extra hassle for some people, so they don’t bother ever getting a new system. Of course, even with many of the aftermarket systems, you won’t get all of the vehicle security you need. The features and the cost of these systems can vary greatly. Before sticking with a basic car alarm or getting an aftermarket alarm, you need to learn more about the features and what it can offer.

Aftermarket or Originally Installed Car Alarms

When your car comes with an alarm, you might not initially think that you need to get something better. After all, many people feel that the manufacturer’s security system is good enough to help prevent car thefts. That’s not the case any longer.

Take a moment to think about car alarms. When they were initially released, they did their job. People paid attention when one of those alarms went off. Of course, that’s no longer the case and car thieves know it. A standard originally installed car alarm system alone is not going to provide your vehicle with the protection it needs.

Most factory alarm systems are fairly basic. They come with a key fob that has buttons to lock and unlock your vehicle, and a trunk release button. Most of the time, that’s about all they can do. However, some might have a remote start system, which is nice for starting your vehicle on cold mornings. It doesn’t do much for car security, though.

Aftermarket systems tend to be somewhat more robust. They may have a better alarm system, and they could even have a 2-way remote system, which can let you know when the engine has been started. If the engine starts and you aren’t in the car, you know there’s a problem.

But standard systems, and a lot of the low-tier aftermarket systems, don’t tell you anything else about the vehicle. Getting an aftermarket system could be a good option, but you need to do a bit more for true car security if you hope to deter would-be thieves. A blaring alarm just doesn’t do it any longer.

Benefits of Using an Aftermarket Car Alarm

Aftermarket car alarms, as mentioned, tend to have more features than you will find with standard alarms. However, it is also important to add other devices, such as CarLock, which can provide you with far more advantages. When used alongside an aftermarket car alarm, you will be able to protect your car better, which should give you peace of mind.

Why Use Them Together?

What does CarLock offer that makes it a perfect addition to an aftermarket system? For starters, it works far better as an anti-theft system. This is because it is a GPS tracker, allowing you to see where your car is in real time. If someone steals your vehicle, you can see where it is going, which is information that could help make it easier to retrieve the car.

CarLock also shines when it comes to car security. People might ignore car alarms, but with this device, you will receive notifications sent directly to your phone whenever anything out of the ordinary occurs.

You will receive an alert if the engine has been started without you, for example. You might be thinking that an aftermarket system with a 2-way remote can do this, as well. However, that’s all the information you get from a remote. With CarLock, you will know if your vehicle is taken, and thanks to the GPS, it can be tracked.

Additionally, you will receive alerts if there are any unusual vibrations detected by the shock sensors. For example, if someone is trying to pry their way into your car or if they are using power tools, you will get an alert.

Another nice feature is that even if someone removes the CarLock device, you will get an alert on your phone letting you know it happened right away.

CarLock can also provide features that are helpful for anyone who lets someone borrow their car, such as parents with teen drivers. The device can detect troubling driving behaviors, such as harsh braking, sharp turns, and unusually fast acceleration. It can also record routes that were taken, so you will know if your teen when to their friend’s house or ended up going out of town without letting you know.

Investing in a good alarm system can’t be the only thing you do to help keep your car safe. You also need to think about getting a CarLock device. Given all of the extra features it offers, it could be just the companion your alarm needs to ensure safety for your vehicle.

You should also follow some basic car security tips to help reduce the risk of being targeted by car thieves. Try to park in a well-lit area if you can’t park in your garage. Get motion sensor lights for the driveway, along with a security camera system. Always make sure you lock up the car, even if you are only going to be inside for a few minutes—that’s all it takes for a thief. Don’t put any valuables in sight either. You don’t want to tempt fate.

A little precaution and the right devices can make a big difference in the security of your vehicle.