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Motion Detector Car Alarm

How protected is your car when it’s parked on the street, in your driveway, or a parking lot when you are out shopping? While we all like to think that our vehicles will be safe, the cold hard fact is that car theft is still on the rise.

The car alarm system that comes with the vehicle doesn’t provide nearly as much protection as a lot of people might think. After all, when was the last time you paid much attention to a standard car alarm you heard down the street? Most people today ignore them as part of the background noise.

While this doesn’t mean you want to get rid of your alarm, it does mean you should take some other anti-theft precautions and find ways to improve your vehicle security. One of the best options is to get a motion detector car alarm.

Why Should You Have a Motion Detection Alert?

When your car is in a locked garage, it is reasonably safe. However, you aren’t always going to be at home and your car won’t always be in a garage. Even if you do have a garage, it isn’t a 100% guarantee that your vehicle will be protected. You need peace of mind and that’s something a motion detector can provide.

As mentioned, people don’t pay attention to alarms. You can’t rely on other people in the parking lot to stop someone from taking your vehicle. They don’t know there’s a problem for starters. How many times have you seen people trying to get into their own car only to set off their alarm? Bystanders will assume that’s what’s happening. They won’t have any idea that the car is being stolen or broken into. You won’t know anything is wrong until you go out to where you parked.

Additionally, many thieves today know how to disable the standard car alarms quickly, so they draw less attention to themselves. Fortunately, motion detectors will add another layer of defense to your vehicle.

How Do Motion Detectors Work?

These devices can detect any odd vehicle movement. Of course, this means large movements, such as someone trying to drive off in the vehicle or if it is being towed. However, it can detect much smaller vibrations, as well. If someone is trying to break into the vehicle, whether they are using pry bars or power tools, or if they are busting through the window, the system will know.

When those motions are detected, you will be sent a notification on your phone, so you are alerted immediately to what’s happening. This could help you to keep your car from being stolen, and it’s far more useful than just having an alarm.

This is similar to some of the remote start systems available. When you have a 2-way remote start, for example, can let you know when your vehicle is started. If you aren’t the one that started the car, you’ll know something is amiss. However, you don’t have much of an idea of what’s happening beyond that. Options like CarLock will provide you with more information.

Different Types of Alerts

When you have a high-quality device like CarLock, you can receive several different types of alerts sent directly to your phone.

You will know if someone has started the engine without you being in the car, and you will be alerted if there are any unusual vibrations detected or if the car is being moved or towed. You will even get an alert in the event a thief finds the device and disconnects it. A great motion detector like this can vastly improve the security of your car.

CarLock can also monitor the vehicle’s electrical system, so you can receive an alert in case there is an unusual drain on the battery or if the battery is low.

Why Is CarLock a Different Motion Detector?

Although there are many security systems and motion detector options on the market today, it doesn’t mean that they are all the same. You need to have a system like CarLock, which will send notifications directly to your phone, alerting you about what is happening with your car.

However, CarLock features quite a few other advantages over other systems including aftermarket car alarms. It is far more than just a motion detector. Let’s take a look at what it can offer.

For starters, it works with the CarLock cloud, so you can monitor your vehicle from anywhere in the world whether the app is currently open and running or not. The app will also provide you with information on how the vehicle is being driven, as it can detect troubling driving behaviors.

This includes unusually fast acceleration, hard braking, sudden braking, and sharp turns. If you have a teen driver, you can monitor how they are treating the vehicle when they are behind the wheel, and you aren’t in the car. The device can track the car’s route history, too, so you can see where it has been driven.

The CarLock system can be controlled through your computer or through the app you have on your phone similar to the remote control. Locking and unlocking the system, so it doesn’t send an alert when you are the one getting into and starting the vehicle is simple.

It is even easier when you have a CarLock Tag Bluetooth accessory, which automates the process of enabling and disabling security alerts, so you don’t have to do it through the phone app. The ease of use is one of the best things about the system.

In addition to all of those other benefits, it also works as a GPS tracker. This allows you to see where your vehicle is in real time, all thanks to the connection to the cloud.

You get all of the features mentioned above, and the notifications go right to your phone, so you always know what’s happening with your car. When it comes to vehicle security, having these extra features, along with a high-quality motion detector, can make all the difference in the world.