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Success Stories


James, a long-time CarLock user, realized his van suddenly went missing when he was woken up while sleeping by a loud “Vehicle moved” alert. He instantly called the police and helped them track down the van using CarLock on his phone before it was too late.

James had no idea he would take part in a raid to save his Ford when he peacefully fell asleep on a late September evening. But sweet dreams, unfortunately, turned into a nightmare. “I was sleeping and at 11.32 CarLock alerted me that my van was being tampered with, then telling me it was moving, went out to check, my van had gone,” he reported. However, he tried to remain still and called the police. Since he had a tracker installed in his vehicle, he could provide the exact location of his moving van. “They asked me to stay on phone giving minute by minute update with in 5 minutes they had 4 police cars and a helicopter on it,” James explained. 

car security

Despite all the mess, CarLock provided the accurate location of James’ van and police recovered it in only 24 minutes! Even though the thieves ran off and the tracker had been damaged, James got his vehicle back in one piece and undamaged. 

In James’ case, CarLock was without a doubt a must-have tool to track a stolen van. Sadly, millions of stolen vehicles remain undetected and are later disassembled and illegally sold.