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CarLock helped Mark scare the thieves and save his precious Charger

Mark was watching TV early in the morning when he suddenly received a CarLock alert that his device had been disconnected from his vehicle. He literally jumped out of the house and was able to scare off the thieves just minutes before the theft could have happened.

Mark usually goes to bed earlier, but just the day the theft attempt on his Charger occurred, he could not sleep and stayed awake longer than usual, which enabled him to react instantly when the incident happened. 

“I was laying in the bedroom watching the television I couldn’t sleep so I was up a little late then I usually am and all of a sudden my CarLock notification goes off and notifies me that my device was disconnected I rushed outside and I was able to scare off the thieves in time before they were able to get away with my vehicle.”

car security

He cannot imagine what would have happened in case he hadn’t heard the alert and slept the night out. “My vehicle would’ve been stolen and I would’ve been without a vehicle for awhile,” he said. “CarLock literally saved thousand of dollars.”

Mark was referred to purchase CarLock by a number of Youtube videos that highly recommend using the product. He was initially a bit skeptical about its usefulness in case the device is disconnected, but the recent incident he faced is just additional proof of how helpful CarLock can be when it comes to car security.

Check out the CarLock video below and learn about the main car security features CarLock offers: