Set Geozones

Geozones are optional perimeters you can set to monitor when the vehicle enters or leaves a certain area.

This feature can prove particularly helpful in scenarios where you wish to receive alerts if your vehicle is parked in an unsafe location multiple times, to be notified if your loved ones reached the destination, or if you want to ensure that your car isn’t being driven through questionable areas without your knowledge even when CarLock security is unlocked.

At the moment it is only possible to set up Geozones on my.carlock web app using your computer. You can set up to 5 geozones.

  1. Go to and choose the far-right option “Geozones”

2. Chose and click where you want the center of your geozone and use your mouse wheel to determine its size.

3. Name the geozone and click ”Confirm”. 

4. Double-check that your Geozones notifications are turned on. Click on ”Settings” tab -> Scroll down to ”Push notifications settings” and click on it -> Find ”Geozones” and make sure the push notifications are enabled

That’s it, now you will be notified via a push notification when your vehicle enters or leaves this area no matter if CarLock security is locked or unlocked (the ‘’Lock’’ button does not affect having Geozone enabled or disabled).

If you get stuck anywhere or have any questions, visit our help center for more information.

The CarLock Team