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Success Stories

“After 20 Minutes we Caught up with the Van”

Aria and her partner were both asleep when a CarLock alert went off, indicating the CarLock device had been unplugged. They first decided to ignore it, but soon realized CarLock was right and that someone was actually inside their van! 

A young couple was in the middle of their night’s sleep when they suddenly heard a warning “Device disconnected” alarm coming from the CarLock app. They thought it was an error and continued sleeping, but just a couple of minutes later, they were disturbed by another notification showing their van had actually been moved.

The couple received critical alerts.

“We both jumped out of bed got into a second vehicle and started following the tracker realizing someone had stolen it,” Aria said. They immediately called the Police and went chasing their van. The CarLock system allowed them to follow the vehicle via the CarLock app, catch up with the van and keep the police informed about its precise location. 

“After 20 minutes we caught up with the van. The thieves had already left in the second vehicle probably hoping to pick it up tomorrow,” Aria explained. 

Even if they didn’t catch the thieves, they saved the vehicle from being stolen thanks to the CarLock anti-theft device. Not only they could have lost the van, but they would have also lost their second home with all the contents inside! “We were converting the van into a camper and it had £3,000 worth of goods in the back,” the couple told us. 

They’re extremely grateful for the peace of mind CarLock provides so they can sleep without worries and know where their Ford transit is at all times.