Success Stories


Jack from California, unfortunately, experienced the capabilities of the Carlock security system when one morning, around 4.09 am, he got a notification on his phone that read “vibration detected”. He was awake when this happened. He knew something suspicious was going on and immediately went to check on his car.

If you own a muscle car your car is at least 5 times more likely to be stolen than an average car. This is why protecting your joy is of utmost importance.

Jack, unfortunately, experienced the importance of having extra security protecting your car first-hand.

Here’s what Jack has to say:

“It was around 4:09 in the morning when I got a notification on my phone from CarLock that said vibration detected. At the time me and my brother were still up watching a show. As soon as I saw the notification, I knew something was wrong since CarLock never gave me a false alert unless I forget to disarm the security system when accessing my car. So, I ran downstairs to check on my car and my brother followed behind me. When I got to my car, I saw a white Camaro packed in front of it and one of the thieves peeking through my passenger side window. He saw me and ran to the Camaro which was their getaway car, and took off. Thank God me and my brother are okay and I’m glad CarLock alerted me as soon as they broke my window or my car would’ve gotten stolen.”

When you own a mopar, you simply can’t leave car security to chance. With car prices rising, the risk of theft is even greater.

This is what Jack told us:

I bought my car for 82k at the time but right now, it’s worth over 100k and the car means a lot to me. So, CarLock saved me a lot more than just money.”

Check out some real photos from the crime scene:

“Everyone should have CarLock, especially Mopar owners because they’re getting stolen from dealerships, driveways, and even public parking lots. Nowhere is safe to park your car if you don’t have CarLock and other security systems that can prevent it from getting stolen.”, Jack shared his thoughts on car security with us.

The importance of having a good car security system cannot be ignored. The benefits of CarLock, as well as the cost of acquiring it, make the device a popular choice for car owners, especially mopar owners, looking to secure their vehicles.

Get your car protected today by using CarLock.