Success Stories


Peter, a man from Florida with a KIA Sportage, was fortunate enough to install CarLock the very day the theft attempt happened!

Kia Sportages are a popular target for car thieves across the country. Peter has experienced car break-ins, which have left him feeling vulnerable and frustrated. He says, “I no longer have a lock on the driver’s door because they(thieves) took the whole thing off”.

He was trying to find an effective solution to prevent future break-ins and protect his car from thieves.

He had tried numerous other devices, all of which had failed. After he installed CarLock, around 10pm, he got a notification on his phone from the CarLock app alerting him to a vibration.

“After plugging it in, that same night my phone went off at around 10pm that my car detected a vibration. I ran outside and found someone getting into the car and once they saw me they started to run.”

The CarLock’s alert caught him off guard. But he had to be sure the app alert wasn’t a hoax. He sprang into action and dashed out the door, down the stairs, and to his vehicle.

Peter said he bought CarLock because his car was already broken into and he didn’t want it stolen.

“And now I own a luxury vehicle that I want protected at all times. Thankfully have this device, and now I also have peace of mind knowing this is installed.”

Peter says he would recommend CarLock to everyone who parks their car outdoors like he does since the device ensures the protection of your vehicle at all times. Peter can now sleep soundly knowing that his car is as secure as a bank vault, thanks to CarLock.

Peter’s experience is by no means exceptional. Many satisfied customers have used CarLock to assist provide their car additional security beyond what a typical alarm can offer.

Just remember to keep CarLock security features enabled and have your phone close by so you can hear any alerts. You’re welcome to explore the CarLock Tag feature, enabling seamless automation of CarLock security activation and deactivation, ensuring you never overlook this crucial aspect.

To receive vibration alerts from specific places in or around your car, check out our newest product – The Vibration sensor here.