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Patricia took her car to the insurance yard after it had been slightly damaged in an accident. Just the day it was supposed to be towed to the auto body shop, she received a “vehicle moved” CarLock alert and realized the vehicle was driving around the location it wasn’t supposed to.

Patricia didn’t have the slightest idea her damaged car would be stolen from the insurance parking lot instead of being taken to the auto body shop to be repaired.

“We had gotten a text from the tow company earlier in the day that they were about to go and get it. But at 9:00 pm we received a notice from CarLock that the car had left the location and was driving around the subdivisions,” she reported.

Thanks to the precise data provided by CarLock, Patricia was able to show the insurance company that her vehicle had actually been stolen. Since she could prove the theft had been done, she was also able to petition the insurance company to pay her off.

We had no idea what kind of damage they had done to the engine racing around,” she said.

Patty also shared her positive CarLock experience with us on Amazon. Read her review below:

5.0 out of 5 stars

Easy to use, makes the car more secure

Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸

“Our car was stolen from the insurance lot and we were notified. Couldn’t believe it but the Carlock was correct. Thank you CarLock”

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Image credit: Image by Johnny_px from Pixabay