Introducing the CarLock Basic Bundle

Basic Bundle is a cutting-edge choice for complete protection of your vehicle. This powerful package comprises three advanced products meticulously designed to ensure your peace of mind. Having the assurance that your car is secure even when you’re not present is a privilege that not everyone is taking advantage of.

With our special bundle, you can elevate your security measures further by extending protection to different areas of your vehicle or any valuables within it, thanks to the vibration sensor add-on included. Moreover, with the Tag 2.0 accessory, you’ll never have to worry about the risk of your car’s security being compromised, as it automatically activates CarLock security whenever you step away from your vehicle and deactivates it automatically when you approach your car.

And all of that for only £65.95! Get yours HERE –>

(currently only available in UK; in the US, we provide Virtual Bundles without pre-paired add-ons, yet at a discounted rate)


Before you start using the CarLock service, you will need to create a CarLock account and activate your device. This step-by-step guide is specifically designed for customers who bought the CarLock Basic Bundle and need help with the activation process. If you already own and use a CarLock device and just want to a CarLock Basic device from the bundle to your account read the — How to Add Another CarLock Device to Existing Account — guide. When adding a device from a bundle as an additional device, refer back to this blog post for detailed information on the Vibration sensor and Tag 2.0.

1. What Is in the Box?

The CarLock products come packed in a box with a User’s Installation Guide and an Activation Card.

You need the activation card to activate your Basic device. It is highly recommended for you to read the User’s Installation Guide before installing the device into your vehicle.

2. Activate Your Device

  • Take the Activation Card — the red “START HERE” card — and follow the steps outlined in these blog posts to activate your CarLock device, whether you’re using your iPhone –> or Android phone –>.

3. Install your Basic CarLock device

Connecting a Basic CarLock is simple. The device is designed to be directly installed on the vehicle’s battery. To learn more about how to mount your Basic CarLock device onto your car, please refer to the guide provided here –>

4. Turn on, place in your car, and rename your Vibration sensor

The Vibration sensor, an innovative safety device, adds an additional layer of security by bringing an extra level of vibration notifications to your existing CarLock Device! 

With its dedicated optimal sensitivity, the CarLock vibration sensor quickly responds to vibration and triggers an immediate alert to your CarLock App. Simply place the sensor in a location you would like to monitor close enough to the CarLock device (max 20ft from the device) in your car and get notified immediately if any vibration has been detected. 

For your convenience, the Vibration sensor is already paired with your CarLock device. Simply activate the device and affix it inside your car using the provided double-sided sticker. We highly recommend renaming your Vibration sensor to reflect its location. More info here (please ignore the instructions about pairing since the Vibration sensor included in the box is already pre-paired) –>

4. Turn on and place your Tag 2.0

The CarLock Tag 2.0—a compact Bluetooth device designed to seamlessly integrate with your CarLock system. This nifty gadget automates the unlocking and locking of your car’s security based on your distance from the vehicle. Yes, that’s correct! There’s no need to manually enable CarLock security notifications, as Tag 2.0 takes care of that for you!

This accessory, already pre-paired with your CarLock device, requires no additional setup in the app. Simply turn it on and attach it to your car keys, slip it into your wallet, or keep it somewhere close by at all times.

More info about the Tag 2.0 can be read here (please ignore the pairing manual since the Tag 2.0 included in this box is already pre-paired with your device) –>

Congratulations! You have successfully set up your CarLock Basic bundle! You should receive an email with further information.

If you have any more questions contact our support team at or visit our help center at

The CarLock Team