Trailer recovered after being stolen
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Bad things happen. But if you are prepared, you can save yourself from a big financial loss and a lot of anger and frustration. Luckily Karen and Justin installed CarLock when they bought their new Opus trailer tent. They’ve been using CarLock on their Jeep Defender before so they knew they can expect reliable tracking and security features.

Karen sent us an email thanking us for helping retrieve their trailer in the middle of the night just hours after the theft took place.

We immediately asked her for more details and she was happy to share them with us.

This is what she told us:

So at 1:15am on the 12th April we were woken up by our car alarm going off. After looking out the window we realised our brand new Opus trailer tent had gone! (it was hitched to the back of our car) panic settled in and we called the police. The car alarm had woken our neighbour who is a police officer. He told my partner to get in his car with him and they drove off following the CarLock tracker that we had installed on the trailer. ( we have had one on our Defender for a few years and knew it was a great idea for the trailer) 20 minutes after we had been woken up we had found our trailer, dumped in a field about 2 minutes from a known traveller site. I then left the house and drove to the gps coordinates provided by the tracker to collect the trailer! So so grateful to have got it back with minimal damage too. Without the tracker we know we would never have seen it again.

With CarLock’s help, this beauty is back where she belongs with their rightful owners.

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All the best from the CarLock Team.