virtual mechanic

Virtual Mechanic

Getting stuck because of the bad vehicle battery can be very frustrating. CarLock actively monitors your vehicle’s electrical system and alerts you immediately in the event of a low battery or an unusual drain on the battery.


Open the Dashboard and tap on the grey tab at the bottom of the screen or drag up.

battery voltage

The vehicle’s electrical system chart shows the periodical battery voltage readings, so you know if the battery is getting charged or if it’s failing.

battery voltage

Cold weather is a battery killer. If your vehicle’s battery is failing you can have problems starting your car. This is true, especially on a cold winter day. It takes a lot of power to start your vehicle and a bad battery can get you stuck at the most inconvenient time. CarLock helps you detect a bad battery, so you can prevent this from happening.


If your battery’s voltage abnormally starts falling below the normal level, you will be notified with “High Battery Drain” alert, so you can go check if there is a power adapter plugged in or if you left the lights on. When the voltage falls below the critical level you will be notified with a “Low Battery” alert. If the battery goes completely dead, you will receive the “Device Disconnected” alert, notifying you that the vehicle’s power is out.

CarLock virtual mechanic functionality will notify you in the case of:

  • Low battery
  • High battery drain
  • Device disconnected

Don’t let breakdowns catch you by surprise — See them coming before they happen.

If you get stuck anywhere or have any questions, visit our help center for more information.

The CarLock Team

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