CarLock Tip #4

CarLock Tip #4 – Like GPS on Steroids

CarLock monitors your vehicle’s location 24/7. Vehicle monitoring logs all trips you take, the distance you travelled and what date and time the trips were taken. It all happens automatically, regardless of your vehicle’s location being locked or not (orange or green circle).

Trip Log

Open the CarLock Dashboard and tap on the Log tab. The blue dots on the left, connected with a line, represent the trip from start to end. Tap on either start or end to open the details of the trip.

CarLock App Trip Log

The details view shows all the information available about the trip. If any harsh driving events occurred while driving, they will be represented by an icon on the map.

CarLock Trip Details

To navigate from one trip to another you can use “< Previous” / “Next >” buttons or you can swipe left and right.

CarLock Trip Navigation

Trip Tagging

Trip tagging enables you to classify your trips as “Personal” or “Business”. By default, all new trips will be tagged as personal. To change the trip tag from personal to business just swipe down in the same area you swipe left and right to navigate from one trip to another.

CarLock Trip Tagging

Visit here to learn more about CarLock trip tagging feature →

Find My Car

Forgot where you parked? CarLock can help you quickly locate your vehicle. Open the CarLock app and simply tap on the location bar on the top of the map.

CarLock Find My Car

The location bar will expand to offer you more options.

CarLock Find My Vehicle Expanded

Tap on the “Navigate to the Car” button to open your default maps app and automatically transfer GPS coordinates of your vehicle and your phone to navigate back to your lost vehicle.

You will also be able to copy the GPS coordinates for use in other apps.


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