Backup notifications

Backup Notifications & Settings

While CarLock system uses standard push notifications to notify you, you can add backup SMS or call notifications to get notified even if there is a bad cellular data connection or you don’t want to pay high roaming prices on your travels.

You can choose between two types of backup notifications:

  • SMS backup notifications
  • Backup Call notifications

Both, backup SMS notifications and backup call notifications work as a paid add-on that you can enable only when you need it.

How to Set up Backup Call Notifications

You can upgrade your account with backup call notifications by logging in to using your CarLock account.

When logged in, click on the “Settings” tab and expand “SMS notifications settings” and/or “Call notifications settings”.

my.CarLock Notification Settings

If you enable backup call and/or SMS notifications, the CarLock system will give you a call and/or send you an SMS message, every time there is an alert.

Backup Call Notifications Settings

Once you have backup notifications enabled, you can easily enable or disable them from the CarLock app.

CarLock App Settings

If you need to buy more SMS or call notifications, you can do so by logging in to with your CarLock account.

my.CarLock Backup Notifications

With my.CarLock you can even choose to be notified by CarLock only in specific situations when the call notifications are enabled. (For example, you can choose to get a call only when your car’s engine is started.).

Add CarLock Alert Phone Number to Contacts

+1 650 681 4133

This is the CarLock call notification number. Add it to Contacts and name it “CarLock Alert”. We recommend choosing a different ringtone for this contact.

Add CarLock Alert Phone Number to Contacts on iPhone

Add CarLock Alert Phone Number to Contacts on iPhone

There are multiple ways of adding a contact number to your phone. We assume you are already familiar with this process, so we will not go into details here.

Add CarLock Alert Phone Number to Contacts on Android

Add CarLock Alert Phone Number to Contacts on Android

If you have any questions about backup notifications, let us know at

We will be happy to help.

The CarLock Team

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