CarLock App 4.0 Update

iOS App 4.0 & Push Notification System Update

We are happy to announce the all new iOS 4.0 App release and much-requested changes to the push notification system.

The new iOS app has been completely rewritten from the ground up and from now on, all push notifications on both platforms, older than 8 hours, will have a different sound alert to notify you about the received notification, without being intrusive. 

iOS App Update 4.0

The new 4.0 app release focuses on improved performance, better stability and future development. It was completely rewritten to provide a strong and reliable foundation for all future releases.

CarLock App Update 4.0

The new CarLock app 4.0 look

First on the list are push notifications. With upgraded push notifications, you will get more information without needing to open the CarLock app. All push notifications now offer more information about the event.

CarLock Vibration Detected Push Notification

CarLock Vibration Detected Push Notification

There were some design updates, mostly on the map and the dashboard.

CarLock Dashboard 4.0

CarLock Dashboard 4.0

CarLock app 4.0 requires iOS 10.0 or newer so you will need to upgrade your iOS if you have an older version installed on your iPhone.

Download Compatible App

We have a lot of great new features planned in the near future for both, iOS and Android platforms as we are constantly working on new features and currently testing many ideas submitted by our customers.

Let us know what you would like to see in the future.  Send us an email at

The CarLock Team


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