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Success Stories


Alec T. was awakened in the middle of the night on Tuesday, April 21, by a loud CarLock notification alarm and noticed his vehicle was stolen. Using the CarLock app, he was able to track his truck and successfully cooperate with the police in the arrest.

It all started early in the morning around 4:15 am when Alec received a CarLock fast acceleration notification and realized his car had been driven away. He quickly ran out of the house, got into his other car, and using the CarLock app,  he tried to catch up with the thieves in his stolen vehicle. Fortunately, they made several stops until they reached the freeway, which was less than 3 miles from where Alec was. At that point, he called the police to report the theft but was directed to his home to prepare the report. He ignored the instructions and continued to follow the truck until it stopped in a neighborhood. 

He parked his car a few houses away so he could still see his vehicle, and re-called 911. Just a minute before the police arrived, he noticed the thieves (there were three of them) were driving off. Alec was able to show the officers in which direction the truck was going, which was clearly visible on the CarLock app he was using. 

Later, he noticed that he actually started receiving CarLock alerts an hour before he realized his vehicle had been taken away but slept over them as his phone was in silent mode. For this reason, it is a good idea to enable critical alerts, supported by the CarLock app as of July 2020 (prior to this, backup call notifications add-on enabled iPhone users to get notified when “Do Not Disturb” was enabled).

The first vibration detection notification came at around 3 am and was triggered when the thieves had made a hole under the vehicle door handle to break in. Shortly thereafter, another vibration detection notification was received and was triggered when the thieves had broken the ignition, and immediately after that, a vehicle started notification was also triggered. 

Thanks to the CarLock app, Alec helped the police track down the stolen truck and catch and arrest the thieves. CarLock GPS car tracker actually provided detailed information about the location of the vehicle, how it was driven, and when and where it was taken. 

Losing your vehicle is definitely one of the worst nightmares in the world, but it is possible to avoid it as long as you are using CarLock! 

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