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Why CarLock is a perfect replacement for your Automatic OBD device

Automatic recently announced the company has been significantly impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic and therefore made a decision to discontinue the service and the platform on May 28, 2020. Like many other Automatic users, you’re probably searching for a suitable alternative to continue with keeping track of your vehicle.

You’re probably aware of the benefits that any OBD car tracker can offer. However, you’re probably also aware that there are countless models and options available, which can make it difficult to know which one you should ultimately choose. Check out the CarLock features and benefits below and learn why CarLock is a suitable replacement for your Automatic OBD device.

1. Monitor your teenage driver

Teens need a certain amount of independence and it’s impossible to keep them under constant supervision. CarLock car tracking device is a great tool to monitor the teen’s actions behind the wheel in real-time. Not only it provides logs of trips taken, but it also tracks driving behaviors, such as harsh acceleration, harsh braking or harsh cornering. This enables parents to monitor their teens’ driving performance and real-time location, which is especially important during the first year of independent driving. CarLock also provides the driving score which is calculated based on driving behavior of your teenager: speeding, braking, acceleration, and cornering. The driving performance is reported via email on a weekly basis, which includes the number of harsh driving events as well as the number of trips and hours spent on the road.

teenage driving

2. Real-time location monitoring

CarLock can be of great help to lower your anxiety levels in a number of situations when it comes to the safety of your closest ones. It allows you to quickly locate a driver in real-time, which is especially important in the event of any inconvenience or an accident. The location of the vehicle is updated every 30 seconds when the car is moving and every 30 minutes when it’s stationary. CarLock even enables managing emergency contact numbers to provide SMS in case of a collision.

3. Detailed trip tracking

The CarLock solution enables constant vehicle monitoring and automatically logs the trips that were taken. It offers an advanced overview of trips, which can be displayed simply via the app on the phone. Besides the trip log showing the history of trips that were taken with a vehicle, CarLock also provides accurate information on trip duration as well as the driving distance. It also allows you to classify your trips as personal or business.

trip tracking

4. Additional layer of car security

CarLock provides the most advanced unique security features on the car tracking market. It enables users to be notified if the vehicle has been started by an unauthorized person, if any unusual vibrations have been detected, if the CarLock device has been disconnected, and if the vehicle has been moved or towed away.CarLock car tracking solution combines a GPS car tracking system and the alarm feature that is automatically set off only if someone is trying to break into the car or tow it away.

5. Multi-vehicle support

Thanks to the multi-vehicle monitoring option, CarLock GPS car tracker enables multi-vehicle monitoring and management within the same CarLock account. Owners of multiple cars and even small fleet owners are, therefore, allowed to add multiple vehicles to the CarLock account, easily switch among vehicles, and get notified for each of the vehicles separately. Additionally, the auto-lock scheduler feature allows scheduling time to automatically disable security monitoring when a certain vehicle is in use, whereas the security features are automatically enabled when the vehicle is parked. This helps to detect unauthorized driving of company vehicles and can prevent potential theft attempts.

6. Car health

With its advanced notification system, the CarLock solution helps to prevent the breakdowns long before they happen. It offers the “virtual mechanic” feature that actively monitors the car’s electrical system and notifies its users in case the car battery voltage is running abnormally low and if the high battery drain is detected. In the event of low battery, CarLock users receive the “high battery drain” alert and can quickly check whether the lights have been left on. When the battery voltage goes critically low, users are notified with the help of a “low battery” notification. In case the battery goes completely dead, the CarLock tracking system provides the “device disconnected” alert, meaning the vehicle power has run out. 

car battery

Due to security reasons, CarLock does not provide any diagnostic data. Since the beginning, the Carlock solution has been aimed to provide the safety features to the customers and all Carlock devices are designed in a way that they don’t actually connect to the car computer. As there is no chip inside the device for communication with the car computer, even in an event of the device being hacked, there is no way someone could remotely perform any action to your car.

7. 100% privacy

The CarLock team takes user privacy seriously. We ensure all the collected data are kept private and secure and are not shared with any 3rd party. User data is only used to provide and improve our service. You can check our privacy policy here

8.  Reliable service

The satisfaction of our customers is our first priority and we’re doing our best to ensure that the CarLock owners receive quality and reliable service. To keep good results, our team is in the process of the constant development of new and the improvement of the existing CarLock features. We strive to listen to user’s feedback to improve CarLock even further and provide the users with an even better experience in the future.

As you can plainly see, having CarLock can be a real benefit and provide you with far more features than you might have realized. It combines cloud computing, internet storage, GPS satellite tracking and a modern-day phone app (Android & iOS) in one affordable car tracking solution, and can even lower the insurance fees! 

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