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CarLock helped Sam track the vehicle that caused damage to his car!

Sam, a long-time CarLock user, headed to work just as usual on Wednesday, May 20, when he noticed that his car had been damaged during the night along with the further two vehicles in the parking lot. Thanks to the CarLock car tracking device, he was able to determine the exact time of the incident and help the police to locate the vehicle that had caused the damage. 

It was Wednesday, May 20, at 6 am when Sam left his apartment to go to work, as he does on any normal workday.  Just as he arrived at the private residential car park, he was confronted with an unpleasant surprise – he found out that his car had been hit from the side and pushed into the car parked next to his vehicle. He looked around the car park and found out the damage had been done not only to his car but also to the further two vehicles!

“I was shocked and annoyed and now going to be late for work, but then I suddenly noticed there was a CCTV camera pointing exactly towards my car,” reported Sam. As he had his iPhone in silent and do not disturb mode during the night, CarLock vibration detected alert was muted, but with the help of CarLock notification log, he was able to determine the exact time of the incident, which enabled the CCTV operator to quickly find the incident without having to search through al the night footage for hours.

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Thanks to the detailed data provided by the CarLock GPS car tracking device, the vehicle that had caused the damage was quickly identified, reported to the police and found within a few hours. 

Having someone damage or break into your vehicle, even if you have good insurance, is undeniably going to be a huge hassle. This can be avoided with CarLock that allows users to rest easy no matter where the vehicle is parked!

Note: If Sam had the do not disturb mode disabled that night, he would have heard the vibration detected alert as soon as the incident happened. As the do not disturb mode mutes notifications and calls, it is therefore important to consider setting up critical alerts and get notified despite the do not disturb mode being turned on. The CarLock app supports critical alerts as of July 2020. Prior to this, backup call notifications add-on enabled iPhone users to get notified when “Do Not Disturb” was enabled. You can learn more about critical alerts HERE.

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