How to use CarLock Ambassadors Promo Code at Activation

CarLock is sometimes offering unique promo codes that offer a benefit when used at the time of activation. Most likely you have seen these codes on social media.

This short blog post will help you take advantage of the offer. If you use this code at activation, you are also crediting the CarLock ambassador for your activation so he is properly acknowledged and reimbursed.

You can only use this code when activating your device. This is done only one time and can’t be repeated. So be sure not to forget to use it.


When you are activating your device and arrive at the “Subscribe” screen, you will see the option to “Enter promo code” right under the credit card instructions above the “subscribe” button.

Click on “Enter promo code” and a window to enter your code will appear.

Enter the promo code and click “Apply”

It is very important you click “Apply” so the code actually comes to our system and you get the benefits.

You will receive a notification your code was applied.

Your account will be credited with the benefits of that code.

Only now you should click “Subscribe” and finish the activation of your CarLock device.

If you have any questions, let us know by emailing us at