CarLock chip shortage

CarLock Available Amid Global Chip Shortage Crisis

CarLock was able to secure enough stock to offer its products without interruptions

Unlike some of the competitors that were forced to stop offering their products due to global semiconductor shortages, we were prepared for the crisis and created sufficient stock of hardware components to continue offering our security solution.

Long-term partnership with major telematics systems suppliers and the commitment to be available for our customers have played a major role in our decisions to secure larger quantities of the necessary components than usual. Therefore we expect to weather the storm of global production shortages mostly unharmed.

This is currently giving us the opportunity to serve the aftermarket telematics and security devices market in these times of high uncertainty caused by the global pandemic.

We were still affected by the crisis as our suppliers haven’t been able to provide the necessary chip components that would enable them to keep up with our orders of 4th generation 4G LTE units.

As a result, CarLock 4G launch is postponed until fall 2021.

In the meantime, you have nothing to worry about as you can order our market-leading 3G solution which is one of the best solutions for simple and cost-effective extra car security in the marketplace.

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Thank you and take care of yourself and everyone around you.

All the best from Ian and the whole CarLock team