Car theft attempt
Success Stories

CarLock recovered a 100k vehicle that would most likely disappear for good

It was a normal working day for Chuck on Monday, 31st of May, when in the middle of the day, at 2 PM, the CarLock app started beeping. He didn’t give much attention to this vibration alert until there was another one. A different one.

”Then I got a vehicle started alert and then movement alert and I knew it was being stolen.”
Chuck reported.

He ran to the security office, as he was at work, but fell on deaf ears. They were not really interested in saving his car.

After some discussion, they told him that the car was only broken into. But Chuck had proof that his vehicle is on the move! He showed the CarLock app to the security guards and it showed the car was still in motion. He quickly called the police.

As they were talking, the car stopped and Chuck has been able to give the exact location where the car is.

Not half an hour after reporting the car stolen the police had located and recovered the vehicle.

A win for Chuck, CarLock, and the insurance company.

Chuck was relieved. He shared with us ”CarLock recovered a 100k vehicle that most likely disappeared for good. Thank you Carlock.”

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