iOS App 5.4 is out – One Step Further to a Seamless Experience

We are excited to offer you new ways to control the CarLock app.

Hey Siri, can you do that for me?

Under the settings in your CarLock app you can find a new feature – Siri. Just click on it and choose which command would you like to set for Siri to make the action for. Try it out!

Use the Shortcuts app to command the action in the CarLock app!

Next improvement is the ability to use a popular “Shortcut” automation for a quick way to get several tasks done with your CarLock app. You can either enable or disable the alarm, find out where your vehicle is using automation or Siri, or simply toggle the alarm with the NFC tag. All that without even opening the app.

You can also ask Siri to set security features for you via the Shortcuts app.

Finally arm/disarm CarLock with your Apple watch

Until now you could only use your Apple watch to view notifications. Now your Siri shortcuts and automations are visible also on your Apple watch, where you can finally arm / disarm your CarLock by using the Shortcuts app.

Note that to use this feature you need to have installed WatchOS 7 or a later version.

We also created a fresh new look of the screen which shows where your car is and whether your alarm is enabled or disabled.

Every update is made to make the app easier to use. Let us know if you like the new features and what you would like to see in future releases. Contact us at and share your experience with us.

Enjoy your CarLock!

The CarLock Team