CarLock GPS Tracker

Product Updates – December 2021

We are excited to announce a couple of major app improvements and new features.

Monitored Circle Size

We’ve been receiving a lot of feedback from you about the adjustability of the size of the monitored circle.

That is the size of the circle that determines how far the vehicle has to be moved to trigger the “vehicle moved” notification.

In this app update, we added the option to decrease the size of the circle by half.

The circle will be closer to your car and the notification can be sent sooner.  

You can find this in the settings tab where you can choose the “Monitored circle size” and choose “Small”. 

We are looking after the usability of the app and we want to warn you that this may cause more frequent false alarms especially if your vehicle is often parked under a solid object. It can happen that the GPS “jumps” quickly and gives an alert even if nothing happened.

If you experience frequent false alerts, please set the monitored circle size back to normal.


Geo zones are optional perimeters you can set to monitor when the vehicle enters or leaves a certain area. This can be useful for example if you want to be notified when your spouse leaves home or when your teenage driver reaches a destination. 

Now you have the ability to set Geozones with CarLock.

At the moment it is only possible to set up Geozones on my.carlock web app using your computer.  

  1. Go to and choose the far-right option “Geozones”
  2. Chose and click where you want the centre of your geozone and use your mouse wheel to determine its size.
  3. Name the geozone. 
  4. Double-check that your Geozones notifications are turned on.

That’s it, now you will be notified via a push notification when your vehicle enters or leaves this area.

At the moment you can set up to 5 geozones.

Test it out and give us your feedback!

Fixed Weekly Report Units

It might happen that you were receiving your weekly reports in metric units even if you were using the app in imperial units.

We fixed this issue and your weekly reports will now be shown in your chosen units.

This is it for now!

We have some exciting news in the next weeks and months so stay tuned for the next updates from CarLock.

If you have any questions about the new features, please contact us at