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CarLock prevented a Dodge Charger from Getting Stolen

At 4.29 AM on February 13 a CarLock customer (lets call him Eric) was woken up by a CarLock notification.

” I was sleeping and I heard the app alarm going off. I struck up because I knew something was going on with my car.”

He was alerted and could quickly check up on what is going on. We are usually happy to see it was a false alarm but that wasn’t the case this time.

When I looked outside through my bedroom window I saw a guy standing next to my car. As soon as I saw him I got ready to run downstairs and see what was going on but by then he was already taking off.

Luckily Eric was alerted in time and could prevent his Dodge Charger from being stolen or having more damage done to his vehicle.

Unfortunately, the burglar did try to smash the window to get into the car

I went to look at the car and the passenger front window is cracked. So he didn’t even make it into the car but the device still felt the movement and alerted me before he could take it any further.

Eric sent CarLock a message thanking us for saving his car from possibly getting stolen or vandalized more than it did.

We are very happy this story ended like this. A broken window vs having your car completely burglarized or stolen is still a happy ending.

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