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Success Stories

“They Put Me in a Police Car and Went Chasing the Thief.”

CarLock is primarily focused on car security but CarLock is also monitoring many motorcycles around the world. So we were especially pleased to receive this great CarLock Android app review:

We immediately contacted Renato asking him if he would be willing to share his story with us.

Luckily he agreed and so we have our first motorcycle success story in recent years. Renato’s motorcycle was quickly recovered with no major damage on the bike.

Renato told us:

“I went out shopping and received a vibration alert, a minute later the app went crazy saying that my motorcycle has exited the geo zone, I checked the app and it was moving. In a moment I realized that the motorcycle was being stolen.”

With motorcycles like this, you have to react quickly, otherwise, you stand no chance of recovering it.

Luckily, Renato’s motorcycle was fitted with CarLock.

“I went to a quiet place called the police gave my direction they came to investigate what happened, I explained the situation and informed them about the tracking system.

What happened later sounds like a scene from a film.

They put me in the police car and went chasing the thief. We got them red-handed. “

The end result?

“A thief in jail and the motorcycle recovered with only the key barrel and steering lock broke. So CarLock saved me a few thousand pounds as I didn’t have to buy a new motorcycle.

We are thrilled when we help our customers retrieve and protect the things they value.

This is why we stand by our products and encourage everyone to treat themselves with peace of mind by investing in CarLock today.

You can use CarLock OBD device on a motorbike by installing it with a power cable.

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Invest in your peace of mind today:

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All the best from the CarLock Team.