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“My House was Broken Into and They Took the Car Key”

Peter bought a CarLock device to protect his car as he knew it was a desirable model among thieves. The investment in car security paid off when thieves broke into his house and stole his car.

He wrote us an email after the incident:

“I had my house broken into on the early hours of Tuesday 1st of March and they took the car key. I heard my engine start up which woke me up before the inbuilt alarm on my phone went off. I called the police and thanks to the tracker I was able to give the police (almost) live updates on where the thief was going so they were caught within 30 minutes of the car being stolen. Had I not had the tracker on I don’t think I would have ever seen my car again.”

With the help of CarLock, the thieves were caught within 30 minutes of the car being stolen. Hopefully, you won’t ever have to deal with this kind of scenario but if you do, you will be happy you can do something about it quickly.

The car lock device was very easy to use and to put the alarm on. With only 30 seconds refresh rate the updates are really good on the event of the car being stolen

By using CarLock, he doesn’t constantly worry anymore if the car is where he parked it.

“I bought a CarLock device because the car I owned was a desirable car and the reviews for your company was good. Also by buying a tracker it brings the insurance down so in reality, it saves me money. And it just gives me the confidence to not constantly worry about the car and wonder if it is still in a parking lot or not.

“I would and have recommended the CarLock device to everyone who worries about their car.

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