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“The Police Officers were Amazed as to how Carlock Worked.”

CarLock helped recover a stolen car in just 25 minutes.

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Fast car recovery
Reviewed in the United States on March 25, 2022

So I was working 3rd shift and my carlock sent me a message that there was abnormal vibration detected that’s at 2:23 am my engine was started at 2:26 am and my car started moving at 2:27 am, I already had the police on the line and I was telling them what direction and what streets my car was on, long story short the police recovered the vehicle 25 minutes after it had been stolen, I had to wait for the police to process my car and at 4:04 am I drove my car home. Yes they broke a window to get in and yes they ripped apart the bottom of the steering column but the car was recovered before they could do any real damage. The police officers were actually amazed as to how carlock worked.

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