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Chevy Suburban rescued after CarLock alerts the owner of theft (video)

Despite receiving a security camera alert, the owner of a Chevy Suburban didn’t realize the vehicle had been stolen until CarLock indicated there was movement around the SUV.

“Within four minutes, my SUV was stolen,” the owner said.

He quickly looked at his security camera video and saw the theft happen.

“Right away, my wife looked at the GPS and called 9-1-1,” he explained. They were able to let the police know where the vehicle was heading.

“They started the chase with eight or more police cars chasing the thieves.”

He said one of the officers told him it had been a difficult takedown.

“They tried spikes and ended up shooting down the SUV,” he said.

While he was able to get his vehicle back, the owner said there was a lot of damage to the front end.

His insurance has offered him a loaner car while the investigation wraps up.

He said he was grateful he had CarLock, or he would never have known the vehicle was stolen.

“It helped me get the police and my insurance involved.”

Moreover, he bought CarLock for safety reasons and said it paid off.

CarLock is better than a security camera as it alerts you of suspicious activity no matter where you are. You will receive alerts through your smartphone app so you can respond quickly and save your ride as this car owner did.

The app will alert you if your vehicle engine has started, is being moved, and if your CarLock has been disconnected.

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