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Success Stories

“The thief used a key programmer to steal my Challenger!”

It was an ordinary evening when Dante went to bed after a long day at work. He intended to wake up at 7 am to hit the gym before heading to work, but was abruptly awakened by his smartphone alarm almost two hours earlier! Once he realized it was earlier than he thought, he became aware that the noise he heard was not his alarm, but rather an alert from his CarLock car’s security system indicating someone was tampering with his vehicle.

“So I was asleep like any normal evening. I was planning to get up at 7 to run to the gym. At about 5:30 am my phone started sending notifications. Being half asleep I was sure it was my morning alarm to wake for the gym, then I realized that it was my new carlock notification,” Dante reported. 

He had only recently installed CarLock on his vehicle and did not anticipate such an incident shortly after getting the device. Upon receiving the notification, he quickly left his apartment and arrived at the garage to find a young man attempting to steal his car. The thief had likely broken the window and was using a key programmer to gain access to the vehicle.

The thief broke the window to get into the vehicle.

“I’m certain without having that notification that they would have taken off with my vehicle and I wouldn’t have known for another two hours. Two hours would have passed without knowing my car was broken into, and I also wouldn’t have known what direction they may have taken my car,” he said. 

Prior to making the decision to buy CarLock, Dante had viewed numerous videos featuring the product but was doubtful about the speed of notifications sent to a smartphone and whether he truly needed the device. However, he soon discovered that it ended up saving him a significant amount of money.

Dante was fortunate compared to the majority of car theft victims. Thanks to CarLock, his car was protected and he only had to replace the broken window and reprogram his key, rather than lose the vehicle.

“Definitely would recommend it, especially to people that use apartment garages!“