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CarLock Located A Stolen Car In Curacao

We all want our cars to remain secure, especially when they’re parked in the safest possible place – our home. But we live in challenging times and with car theft rates on the rise, there’s always a chance you’ll have your vehicle stolen if it’s not properly protected. 

Jimmy from Curacao recently experienced the shock of finding out his car had disappeared early in the morning. Thanks to the CarLock device and a great CarLock support team, who offered immediate assistance, he was able to track down his car very quickly.

What Actually Happened and How? 

Jimmy from Curacao purchased CarLock to ensure peace of mind and a stress-free night’s sleep while his car was parked outside. However, just after a month of use, CarLock suddenly stopped working. When he contacted CarLock customer support for help, he realized that Curacao is actually not included in the list of countries covered by CarLock’s subscription coverage. 

Just a month later, on February 3, 2023, Jimmy woke up to a nightmare – his car had been stolen early in the morning. Without the CarLock subscription, he was unable to check the real-time location of his vehicle. He panicked and immediately contacted the CarLock support team, who offered immediate assistance and extended the CarLock membership for 10 days. Fortunately, the device was working at that time and Jimmy was able to find out the precise direction the thief had taken with his car as well as the actual vehicle’s location. He called the police and they arrived quickly and returned his car to him. 

He stated: “Without a GPS as good as Carlock’s, it would be like looking for a needle in a haystack. without a carlock, it would be impossible to find the car. and the more time passes, the worse the situation could be.” 

The car had a pothole in the front, but thanks to CarLock, nothing worse happened to it and Jimmy was able to find it on time. 

The retrieved vehicle.

“The truth is it’s an effective GPS and you will know exactly where your car is at all times. No more stress,” Jimmy said.