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Paul caught a thief in his Ram TRX! It all happened early in the morning when he was notified by a loud CarLock alarm of the vibration detection. He witnessed a scene he wouldn’t even imagine!

When Paul parked his truck in the driveway in the early December evening and headed to his house, the only thought he had was having a good dinner and a peaceful sleep to refill the batteries for the next day. But things didn’t go according to his plans.

At 4.40 am, the CarLock alarm went off and he instantly knew what it meant. “It woke me up and I immediately knew what it was from the sound. I went to the front of my house – opened the door – saw a flashlight in the truck —  I yelled and approached the truck- the criminal jumped out of the truck and ran down the street and jumped into a waiting car,” Paul reported. 

He noticed the thief unplugged the device and took it with him, but since the device has a backup battery, Paul was able to track the thief while he was trying to drive away. Then he suddenly noticed he threw the unit out of the window.

“I jump in my truck to try to follow them – but they threw the device into a marsh near my house”, Paul said.

success story
Paul’s TRX

Even though he couldn’t catch the thief and lost his device, Paul was able to prevent the theft and keep his truck untouched.

Thanks to CarLock and its amazing car security functionalities, he could stop the criminal before it was too late.

“If I didn’t have CarLock, “The TRX would be in Montreal in a container going to Africa” Paul said.

We hope something like that never happens to you. But if it does, you will be happy to have CarLock installed.

Hero Image credit: Carlito714 Wikimedia