Success Stories

CarLock Stops Jaguar ‘Hit and Run’

Dylan had to do a grocery run one night and opted to use his wife’s car and keep his Jaguar F-Type safe at home. Or so he thought. While shopping, he received a warning sound on his phone: “vibration detected”.

I was out food shopping on a Thursday night, I used my wife’s car to drive to the supermarket. While I was shopping, I had the tell-tale warning sound come up on my phone that my CarLock had a notification. Upon looking at the phone I saw it was a Vibration alert, I’d not seen that one before. I was immediately suspicious but as I was a few miles away from the car I called my next-door neighbour as my car was parked outside my house, and asked him to go and investigate due to the CarLock notification.

Dylan stayed on the phone with his neighbour who went to check his Jaguar.

“Someone was outside looking at the back of their car but had moved it about four spaces away from my car,” the husband shared what the neighbor told him on the phone. “My neighbor looked at my car and then spoke to the person and asked if they had hit my car. They did. Details were then exchanged and the person left.

After checking CCTVs in the neighborhood and talking to the insurance company, it was established that the person who hit the Jaguar displayed behavior typical of a hit-and-run driver. He was obviously about to drive off without notifying the Jaguar’s owner of the incident. This was evident when he tried to move away from the scene but was stopped by the neighbor.

“Thanks to my CarLock tracker with built-in vibration alert, I got a notification that something had happened to my car. And with the help of my quick-acting neighbor, we were able to catch the person before they drove off,” the Jaguar owner said.

Without CarLock, the damage on the Jaguar, a luxury vehicle, would have hit the owner hard financially, even with insurance.

I was able to catch that person before they drove off and prevented the whole repair claim being put on my insurance and effect my no claims discount. Good job too as the number plate was very close to unreadable on the CCTV ” the Jaguar owner said, adding that CarLock was definitely worth the investment and subscription.

All things considered, the CarLock user believes he saved money with the system. It is an essential protection for a high-value vehicle like a Jaguar. 

“The other driver would have left the scene of the accident and I would have had to put the claim through my own insurance and lose my no claims discount and end up paying more for my insurance next year”

Through the CarLock Cloud, any vehicle owner with the CarLock device attached will have peace of mind knowing there is 24/7 monitoring on his vehicle anywhere anytime.

Dylan invested in CarLock after buying a higher-value car and wanting to add extra security to it. CarLock can prove beneficial in so many different cases, not just car theft, but also incidents such as this.

Thanks, CarLock, you are definitely worth the initial investment and ongoing subscription, especially when your devices capture incidents like this.

Invest in peace of mind today by equipping your car with CarLock.