Success Stories

CarLock: The Unbeatable Safeguard for John’s Dodge Charger

John, a proud owner of a Dodge Charger, had an unexpected awakening in the middle of the night. It was 3:30 am, and he and his wife were peacefully sleeping when their lives were about to take an unexpected turn. John’s mobile phone lit up with a CarLock notification – a vibration alert.

Startled, John and his wife sprang out of bed and rushed to the window. What they saw sent shivers down their spines – a suspicious figure crouched by the driver’s side of John’s car, with the window shattered. ‘’I then yelled to get away from my car and realized they had tools to steal my car,’’ he reported.

The intruder was ready to make a quick getaway with John’s prized Dodge Charger. But little did the thief know, John had something that would prove to be his undoing – CarLock.

The advanced car security system detected the unauthorized entry attempt and promptly alerted John, giving him the chance to act swiftly and protect his valuable possession.

‘’If I didn’t have CarLock my car would have most likely been stolen’’ 

As a result of CarLock’s timely notification, John’s car remained in his driveway, albeit with a broken window. Fortunately, the damage was covered by his insurance. Losing his entire car, on the other hand, was a scenario that he managed to avert, thanks to CarLock.

Photo of John’s car

John had initially decided to invest in CarLock because he recognized the need for an additional layer of security for his car. He needed a solution that could provide peace of mind and safeguard his beloved vehicle, and CarLock exceeded his expectations.

Before making the purchase, John had doubts about how CarLock worked, especially when incorporating a kill switch into the equation. However, CarLock’s seamless operation and effectiveness in real-life situations silenced his concerns. He shared with us ‘’I purchased CarLock because I needed extra security. It did exactly what It was made to do.’’ 

Now, he swears by CarLock, considering ‘‘CarLock is for everyone a must have”. So convinced of its effectiveness, John realized he needed another CarLock unit for his second car.

CarLock wasn’t just a security device; it was a guardian that protected John’s beloved car and his peace of mind. It ensured he didn’t become another car theft statistic, and for that, he couldn’t be more grateful for his smart decision to invest in this innovative technology.