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CarLock Thwarts Another Attempted Car Theft, Keeping the Community Safe (VIDEO)

Luis was abruptly awakened by a vibration alert from their vehicle at 2:26 am. Given the unfortunate history of previous attempts—this being the sixth one—they immediately suspected it was another audacious try to steal their car. It was a familiar scenario for Luis, with his Dodge Challenger being a repeated target for theft, causing increasing frustration. Thanks to CarLock, this incident not only foiled the attempt but also played a crucial role in apprehending the criminals. 

He said he immediately flew into action and contacted authorities to prevent thieves from getting away with his Challenger:

‘’I alerted our community security officer to check on cameras and there they were two subjects trying to steal the car.’’

Despite their efforts, the thieves were thwarted. Luis promptly notified the police, and their rapid response ensured a successful intervention, saving the day for this CarLock user: ‘’Police was notified and answered the call FAST!! If it wasn’t for CarLock this time and past attempts I wouldn’t have my car and three crooks were off the streets.’’.

The financial impact of this successful intervention is substantial, amounting to over $50,000 in potential losses. Luis shared that his decision to invest in CarLock was based on thorough research, with its reputation as the premier theft prevention device, endorsed by many in the Mopar community, playing a significant role in their choice. Having CarLock installed not only provided peace of mind but also translated into tangible savings of both time and frustration. Despite repeated attempts, thieves were unable to successfully make off with his Dodge Challenger.

‘’CarLock definitely saved my car! I definitely would recommend CarLock!!! To anyone that wants to protect their investment.’’

Check the success story of saving his car before, shared by Luis a few months ago: 

With car thefts estimated to be 33 percent higher in 2023 (source:, safeguarding your vehicle is paramount. CarLock emerges as the essential solution to protect your vehicle from becoming a part of these alarming statistics.