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Car Security

If you have a vehicle, the safety and security measures that you are using right now might not be enough to keep that vehicle safe. The traditional methods of car security simply don’t work as well as they once did. Below, we will be looking at some of the most important reasons that you need to improve your car security and how a GPS car tracker can help. We will also go over some quality car security tips to help keep your vehicle even safer.

Why is Car Security So Important Today?

In 2017, there were an estimated 773,000 vehicle thefts in the United States, according to the FBI. In England and Wales, there were more than 114,000 vehicle thefts between 2018 and 2019. The number of vehicles that were burglarized and not stolen is even higher. Many of the vehicles stolen had some type of security system for cars already installed, such as a car alarm.

With the high number of vehicle thefts, you must be doing everything that you can to keep your vehicle as safe as possible. This means more than just adding a steering wheel lock and an alarm system. After all, thieves can cut through the steering wheel locks, and most people today do not even pay attention to car alarms. They have become just part of the background noise for many people. Therefore, you need to make sure that you have another option on which you can rely when it comes to your security system for cars that you own and need to keep safe. A GPS car tracker can work well, as you will see below.

Take a moment to think about what might happen if you had to go without your vehicle because it was stolen. You may never be able to get that vehicle back, and the insurance might not provide you with the amount that you wish you would receive. You might not have the money available to go out and buy a new vehicle or a used vehicle. Think about just how difficult it will be to take care of so many of the basic things that you do each day now without worry.

You would have a difficult time getting back and forth to work, for starters. You might not know people who would be able to give you a ride. Public transportation is not always reliable, and you may not be able to afford expensive rideshare services all the time. It would be difficult to run your errands, pick the kids up from school, or go out when you want. Imagine your life without the convenience of your vehicle, and you will quickly see just how important a quality security system for cars is.

How Thieves Attempt to Steal Your Car

Thieves today have many different ways that they might be able to steal your vehicle. They are far more technologically savvy than thieves of the past.

One of the common ways that thieves steal vehicles is to get the original key. This works on older vehicles that utilize the old-style keys. While it might be difficult for a thief to gain access to the keys that you have, it is not impossible. If they have the original key, they will be able to get into the car, bypass the security system, and drive away without you knowing until much later.

Even if they don't have the original key, there are other ways that they can steal your vehicle. Cloned key attacks occur when car owners leave their vehicles for some time, along with their original keys. This might be at a casino or a car repair shop, for example. Key fobs can be stolen and cloned very quickly, with the original keys being returned before they are even missed. After the key is cloned, they can then enter the vehicle with the cloned key and drive away. The car believes that the original keys are being used.

Another method used by thieves today is RF jamming. This can happen with any vehicle that uses wireless key fobs. It will disrupt the communication between the key fob and the receiver in the vehicle, which can disrupt the door lock message. Many cars today do not come with manual key locks, and when they have been RF jammed, it no longer allows the user to lock the car. Smart key relay attacks are another way that thieves steal cars today. This requires two thieves to work using a relay amplifier and transmitter. One thief gets close to the house to pick up the signal from the key fob, while the other thief keeps the transmitter next to the vehicle. The transmitter can then work as a key fob by tricking the car’s computer system. It only takes about a minute for the process to take place, and sometimes less. Once the thieves are in the car, they can simply drive away.

Best Tips to Protect Your Car

In addition to having quality security systems for cars, there are other things you can do that will help you to keep your vehicle safe. Many of these seem to be common sense, but we could all use some reminders from time to time. Check out these car security tips and make sure you are using them.

One of the first things you want to do is consider where you park. If you can park in a garage of a secure car park, there is less of a risk of theft. When you are out and have to park in a parking lot, make sure that you are as close as possible to the store, so people could potentially see a theft attempt. Always park under lights after dark. If you have to park in your driveway, make sure that you have plenty of outdoor lights to help deter thefts.

Also, make sure that you don’t leave anything in your vehicle that looks expensive or tempting to thieves. Keep all of your valuables out of sight – and out of the car whenever possible. You should always double-check to make sure that you have locked your vehicle, as well.

Consider getting CarLock to help improve your security in addition to using the above car security tips. Even if you have an alarm and a steering wheel lock, having a GPS car tracker will provide you with the extra bit of protection that you really need.

Ensure the Best Protection for Your Teen Drivers

If you have teen drivers in your home, it’s natural to worry. You know how dangerous the roads can be, and you want to make sure that they are safe and that they are driving responsibly. CarLock can work as a teen car tracker, in addition to providing safety for the vehicle itself.

The tracker can provide you with information and notifications regarding how the vehicle is driven. If there are instances of harsh and unusual acceleration or braking, or rough cornering, you will be sent alerts. This information acts like a teen car tracker that lets you know how they are driving and if they need to have some time away from the car. It can also be a good teaching tool to help reinforce the importance of safe driving.

The teen car tracker can work to let you know where your teen is located, as well. For example, many teens may tell their parents that they are doing one thing, such as going to a friend's house to study, but they might be headed out cruising or going shopping. By tracking where they are, you can ensure that they are safe and being honest about where they are. While the young drivers might not like the teen car tracker knowing where they are and how they are driving, it can help to put parents' minds to ease.

How Does a GPS Car Security System Work?

A GPS car system works by sending out signals from the device to the Global Positioning Satellite System. These satellites and ground stations will be able to provide you with information about your vehicle in almost real-time. Whenever your vehicle is parked, it will transmit every 30 minutes. If anything happens with your vehicle, or if it is on the move, it will transmit every 30 seconds.

The information that is sent to the satellites is then sent to the CarLock cloud, where the data from the GPS car tracker can be parsed. If there is anything out of the ordinary with the vehicle, you will receive a notification. These notifications will alert you that you need to pay attention to what's happening with the vehicle so that you can contact the proper authorities.

The system itself is installed easily, as you can see below in the section on how to secure your car using CarLock.

Get the Best Security System for Your Car

You know that you can’t go on without having a quality security system for cars you own and want to keep safe. You need to have the best quality GPS car tracker that is available, and that means you need to have CarLock. The system can provide you with notifications whenever there is anything unusual happening with your vehicle. You will receive notifications when the vehicle’s engine is started with you, when there are unusual vibrations detected around the vehicle, and when the vehicle is moving.

This allows you to see what's happening with your vehicle in near real-time so that you can contact the authorities right away. Do not settle for anything less than the best GPS car tracker.

How to Secure Your Car with CarLock

If you want to add this quality security system for cars to your vehicle, you will be happy to know just how easy it is to do. With the OBD GPS car tracker, you will be able to plug the device right into your OBD port. You can do this on your own and get the system set up in a matter of minutes.

All vehicles that were made in 1996 and later will have these OBD ports, and you should not have any trouble getting the device installed. If you would like, there is also an option for an extension cable. This will allow you to move the device away from the port while still maintaining a connection. In some smaller vehicles, this can be a good option, so it does not interfere with your feet or pedals.

There is also an option to choose to have the device hardwired to your battery. This ensures that it is out of the way and that it will not be easy for thieves to find. Keep in mind that you will want to have a professional take care of this type of installation to ensure it is done correctly.

There is also an option for a battery-powered GPS car tracker that you might want to use. This can be placed nearly anywhere in your vehicle, which means you can hide it out of sight of thieves. It works the same way that the OBD device works, except for the fact that it relies on batteries rather than power from the vehicle. If you are going to opt for this tracker, you will want to make sure that you occasionally check the batteries to make sure that they have plenty of energy left.

Once you have the device installed and you set everything up through the simple to use CarLock app, you will be ready to track your vehicle. It’s a great security system for cars that is easy to use and that can provide you with some great benefits.

As you can see, there are many benefits to using a high-quality security system for cars that includes a GPS tracker. It's time to get CarLock to your vehicle’s security system today. It is easy to install and to use. Get the protection you need, so you can rest easy knowing that your vehicle is safe and that your family is safe when they are behind the wheel.