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Monitor Your Driving Performance - CarLock GPS Car Tracker

  • Monitor Your Teenage Driver
  • Monitor Your Teenage Driver

    We’ve all seen it happen: A calm and rational person gets into a car and suddenly they become a monster behind the wheel.

CarLock lets you detect troubling driving behaviors such as drag racing, stunt driving and inattentive behavior. It does this by monitoring and alerting you to:

Now you can rest assured that your car is always being driven safely thanks to the CarLock monitoring system.

CarLock even lets you know whether this behavior is a one-off event or a constant problem for your drivers by recording these incidents and giving the driver an average score out of 100 on a month to month basis. It will even let you know if the driving is getting better or worse over time!

In the event of a crash situation, CarLock can be setup to notify an emergency contact immediately via SMS messaging.

The app can also monitor multiple vehicles at once.