Car Tracking

The ability to track your vehicle can provide you with a wide range of benefits, including some that you might not have even considered. As you will soon see, car tracking technology in your vehicles can provide you with the information you need and the peace of mind you deserve.

Why Should You Track Your Car?

The world is a strange and dangerous place today, and you never know what might happen to your vehicle. Whether a thief steals it from a parking lot while you are in shopping for groceries or you need to know where one of the trucks in your fleet of vehicles is, proper car tracking can help.

The standard security systems that most people are using for their vehicles are not adequate to provide protection for the vehicle in today’s world. Consider the fact that when most people hear a car alarm today, they ignore it. People have been hearing these alarms, which are often false alarms, for decades. They have become immune to them in a sense. Many people who hear alarms simply assume that they were activated by mistake. This tends to make things easier for the car thieves out there.

Below, we will be looking at more of the ways that car tracking can benefit you or your business.

How Car Tracking Can Benefit Your Home and Business

Benefits for the Home

First, we will be looking at the ways that choosing to use a car tracker can benefit your home vehicles. Naturally, theft is one of the first things that many people consider when it comes to their car’s security and why they might need to track the vehicle. Theft is a big problem, and the car tracker can be instrumental in getting the vehicle back if it has been stolen.

This is because you will be notified immediately whenever something unexpected happens with the vehicle. If the device detects that the engine has been started without you, or if there are any unusual vibrations, such as someone trying to break into the vehicle, you will be notified.

You will also be alerted if the car tracker has been disconnected from the vehicle. You can even be notified if your vehicle is being towed away. Having this information will make it easier for you to quickly contact the authorities and let them know if the vehicle was stolen. This can increase your chance of recovering the vehicle.

If you happen to have teen drivers in the home, you naturally want to make sure that they are safe when they are behind the wheel. The car tracking device can send information to the app that will let you know whenever there is any unusual activity with the vehicle, such as unusually fast acceleration, hard braking, or sharp turns. If your teen driver knows they are being tracked and their driving is being monitored, they are more likely to be safe when they are driving. Also, you can make sure that your children are where they tell you they are going to be since you can track the location of the vehicle.

The car tracker can help to keep your vehicle safe while it is in your driveway, providing you with the peace of mind that you need. However, because it is always active, it will offer you protection no matter where you might be. If you have the vehicle at work, in a parking lot while you are out, or with you on vacation, the car tracker will always be active.

Even if you are nowhere near the vehicle, such as when you are on vacation out of town, you can still keep tabs on your vehicle. It's far better to know that something is happening with your car the moment it occurs instead of coming home to an empty driveway.

Benefits for Businesses

As beneficial as the CarLock GPS tracker is for your home and family, you will find that it also is very helpful for those who have company vehicles. Whether you only have one or two company cars, or you have a fleet, there are some great benefits available. You will find that some of these benefits even overlap with the benefits of your personal vehicles.

One of the most significant benefits of using GPS car trackers for your fleet vehicles is the ability to know where all of the vehicles are at any given time. You will know which vehicles are at your company and which ones are out and on the road. This can help to improve the utilization of the vehicle, and it can help you to keep track of where your employees are throughout the day.

By tracking the vehicle, you will be able to give customers and clients a better idea of exactly when your employees will be arriving. If they are late, you can see where they re located and then give the customer an estimate of when they will be there. For example, the vehicle might be stuck in traffic. This will help to improve customer satisfaction, and keeping customers happy can grow your company's revenue. The real-time monitoring that is provided with CarLock car tracking is a massive benefit. It's a small investment to make, and it can pay high dividends.

Also, it helps to improve the safety and security of the vehicle. You will know how the vehicles are handled, whether drivers are speeding, and more. This information can be used to ensure that the drivers are properly trained in handling the vehicle respectfully. Drivers who know that there is a tracking system will also be more apt to drive safely from the start. This helps to reduce the risk of accidents, which can help to keep your insurance down.

Of course, even company vehicles are not immune to theft. Having the car tracker on the vehicle will let you know if there is any strange activity happening with the vehicle, whether it is out or if it is sitting in your parking lot. Again, this information is helpful, as it can let you call the authorities as soon as you know, something is amiss.

These are some of the biggest and best benefits that you will be able to enjoy once you have a CarLock GPS car tracker installed in your vehicle. It’s simple to use, it’s affordable, and it can provide you with levels of safety that other types of traditional car security methods simply can’t.

Why Some Traditional Car Security Methods Don’t Work Today

Having a GPS car tracker on your vehicle is more important today than it has ever been. This is because the old car security methods do not work on their own. We've already touched on the fact that most people do not even look when they hear a car alarm going off. Also, thieves understand how to quickly disable alarms on many vehicles, which makes their job easier. They are not as intimidated by alarms as they once were. They also have many advanced methods of stealing vehicles, such as cloned keys, which can negate the alarm. Alarms alone mean very little to thieves today.

One of the other car security methods that used to be popular was the Club and other similar steering wheel locks. These were attached to the pedals of the vehicle and the steering wheel. The idea was that it would be difficult for thieves to be able to get through one of these devices quickly. It would mean that they have to spend more time in the vehicle stealing it, which would increase their risk of getting caught. While it might help in some cases, it does not deter as many car thieves as you might think. They can saw through the devices in a matter of minutes many times, and then they can get on with the business of stealing your vehicle.

This isn't to say that you don't want to have an alarm on your vehicle, or that you don't want to consider using a club on the vehicle. However, you do not want to make either or both of those options your only defense for your vehicle. Instead, you can use them as supplemental security for your GPS car tracker. The more defense options you have for your vehicle, the safer it will be, and the safer you will feel.

Keep in mind that even the early GPS tracking options had their problems. With early GPS car tracker offerings, the tracking was all passive. This meant that the only monitoring that would occur was when the vehicle was moving.

CarLock helped to change the way that these systems worked and improved them in many ways. With the addition of loud real-time notification, real-time location, and an easy interface through a mobile app, it has brought car tracking into the 21st century. It can even let you know when the engine is started or if there are unusual car vibrations. This provides far more protection than what was offered years ago. Over the years, CarLock has continued to innovate and to provide new and better ways of tracking vehicles and providing users with far more information about their cars.

If you only had to choose only one of the car security choices, though, the car tracker would be the best option. It can provide you with alerts and notifications to ensure you understand what is happening with your vehicle at the moment.

How the OBD GPS Car Tracking System Works

Once you have installed the OBD GPS car tracking system in your vehicle, it will be able to start sending information to the Global Navigation Satellite System. The system has satellites and ground stations that will be able to pick up the location of your vehicle that has a GPS transmitter no matter where it might be on the planet. The information that is sent up to the satellites is then sent to the cloud, where it is analyzed. If there are any issues, the CarLock system will send out a notification to the app that you have on your phone. You will know in almost real-time whenever something is happening with your vehicle.

One of the things to keep in mind about the GPS car tracker is that it will provide notification to you, but not to the police. You will need to contact the authorities to let them know that your vehicle is stolen. The information that can be gained through the device could help them to track down your vehicle. The sooner you can act, the better.

Typically, you will receive notifications on your phone if there is something amiss with the vehicle. However, there is also the option to add SMS messages. The SMS messages will be particularly useful in those areas where the cellular connection might be bad, or for those who want to avoid roaming prices when they are traveling.

How to Track Your Car with CarLock

Once you have installed the application on your phone and you have installed the car tracker in your vehicle, you can start to track it right away. You will be notified if your vehicle is moving without you in it and if there is any unusual activity. This information will be sent to your phone through a loud notification, so you can be sure you will be aware of the issue when it is happening.

The GPS tracker will send out signals every 30 minutes when the car is stationary, such as in your driveway. If the vehicle is on the move, these signals will go out and will be updated every 30 seconds. You will typically receive a notification in less than a minute regarding any strange activity with the vehicle.

Keep in mind that while you will be using the app as a means to track your vehicle, you do not need to have the app continually running on your phone to keep updated. Once you have it set up, it will work automatically. Even when the app is not running, you will still receive your notifications and alarms. This means that the app is not going to be taking up any more of your phone’s battery than any of the other apps that you have on your phone, so there is no need to worry.

When you choose an OBD tracker, or even a battery-powered car tracker, discussed below, you will be able to use it on multiple vehicles. Simply install the device into a different vehicle that you want to track, and you will be able to receive the information that you need.

What Types of Installation Options Are Available with CarLock?

One of the nice things about CarLock devices is that you will have several different options when it comes to installing them on your vehicle. The OBD car tracker is a device that you can quickly and easily install on your own. You will simply plug the device into the OBD connector on the vehicle. These connectors are standard on all vehicles that were manufactured from 1996 and beyond. You will not have any trouble using the device with these types of vehicles.

It is also possible to use an extension cable with the OBD car tracker, which could be beneficial for those who want to have the tracker out of the way. The extension cable will connect to the OBD port, and you can then place the tracker into the cable and place the device where it won’t interfere with the operation of the vehicle.

However, there are also other options to use these types of car tracking devices. You can opt to have the device hardwired into your battery. This is a good option that ensures that the device is hidden, but you will not be able to hardwire it on your own. You will want to take the device to a mechanic who will be able to do it for you. Fortunately, it tends to be very fast and affordable to install.

There is also another option to consider. With this option, you will have a battery-powered device. These are small trackers that do not need to be connected directly to your vehicle in any way. They operate on their battery, and that battery provides the necessary power to the GPS car tracker. One of the reasons that this is a popular option is that it can be hidden in the vehicle, including places that thieves might not consider looking. Choose a spot in the vehicle, get the app up and running, and check to make sure that you have a quality signal.

Regardless of the installation option that you ultimately choose, you will find that having a car tracker in your vehicle provides you with a substantial number of benefits. Instead of constantly worrying about your vehicle and how it is being driven, you can simply relax.

Benefits of CarLock vs. Other GPS Car Tracking Solutions

You will find that most of the GPS car tracking options on the market today will have the ability to tell you where your vehicle is. However, they don’t have all of the features and benefits that you can get through CarLock. For example, you will be able to receive real-time updates on the location of the vehicle. Some other GPS trackers can do this. However, one of the main areas where CarLock truly shines is the ability to let you know more about what your vehicle is doing, not just where it is and where it’s been.

For example, when you have the CarLock GPS car tracker installed on your vehicle, you will be able to determine how the vehicle is being driven. It can send you notifications whenever the vehicle accelerates or brakes too quickly, or when corners are taken harshly. This type of information can be precious to you if you have teen drivers, if you let others borrow your vehicle, or if you have work vehicles that are driven by employees, as mentioned above. This is information that you do not typically see when it comes to other GPS car tracking solutions available.

You will also find that there is collision detection available with the device. It is available on iOS for the app version 2.5 and up and for Android on the app version 2.4 and up. Being immediately notified that your vehicle has been in a collision can help you act faster and make sure the appropriate steps are taken to ensure the safety of those involved.

Also, you will find that CarLock can provide you with additional safety when compared with the classic GPS tracking solutions available. It can give you notifications if someone attempts to steal your car with a stolen key or if they program a new key. It can detect and notify you of smart key relay attacks, as well as cloned key attacks.

Another nice feature of the CarLock GPS car tracker is the ability to monitor the health of your vehicle. It can notify you when the battery is running low, or in case there is a high battery drain. Best of all, the price of the device and the monthly fee is very affordable. The device also comes with a two-year warranty.

It is easy to see that there are plenty of great advantages to using a car tracker in your vehicle, whether it is for a personal vehicle or for a fleet of vehicles that you own. Those who want to have a solid, reliable solution to help them to track their vehicle everywhere, and who want to have information and data on how and where the vehicle is driven will find CarLock to be the top GPS car tracker available today. It is time to start tracking and protecting your vehicle.