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High-Quality GPS Device - Easy to Use and Install

  • High-Quality GPS Device - Easy to Use and Install
  • CarLock Device

    The CarLock device comes pre-configured with a SIM card installed, ready to activate and use.

There has never been such a simple device that enables anyone to keep an eye on their car 24/7 from anywhere.

CarLock Device Features

The CarLock app can easily run in the background of your phone without consuming any more battery power than a typical app, because it uses its own GPS and GSM antenna.

CarLock Device Features

How to Install

CarLock device is designed to be easily plugged into your car’s diagnostics connector (OBD) and does not require any tools to be installed.

All cars from 1996 have the OBD connector. It is usually located near the driver’s knees, under the steering wheel.

If you have an older car and want to use CarLock or if you have problems locating the OBD connector, please contact us.

How to Install

Will It Work With My Car?

CarLock is designed to work with all cars manufactured since 1996 (that have an OBD diagnostic port). Not sure if CarLock will work with your car? Fill out the form and we will double check it for you and send you a picture of the OBD port location in your vehicle.

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I would like to use CarLock primarily for:
When you click send, a popup will show up confirming CarLock will work or not with your car, and an email with a photo of where to connect CarLock will be sent to your email (for later use).
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