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How Does a GPS Car Tracker Work?

The number of stolen cars in the United States alone each year is staggeringly high. In 2016, there were more than 765,000 vehicles stolen and that number keeps on rising. The number of vehicles that were simply broken into and had belongings stolen is much higher. Anyone who owns a vehicle needs to understand that the dangers are very real and that they could become a victim at any time. It could happen when they are at work, when they stop for groceries or go to the movies, or when they are sound asleep at home. It can happen anytime. Just because you might have quality car navigation systems, they won’t help you unless you get the right type of Global Positioning System, or GPS system, that can track your vehicle and provide you with alerts.

You Need More Protection

Therefore, vehicles need to have the right type of security system in place. While you might have a car alarm or car navigation systems, it is simply not enough today.

High-quality tracking with GPS provides the added security your vehicle needs. GPS receivers utilize a satellite system to provide the exact location of your car. We’ll discuss more about how the use of three satellites will help to pinpoint your position later in the post.

Car alarms often go ignored because people hear them so often. Most people think that someone made a mistake with their key fob when they were getting into the car. This means that even in broad daylight someone might take your vehicle. While the alarm should certainly be installed as a method of protection, you will also want to consider investing in an added layer of safety. Namely, you will want to choose a GPS car tracker for the vehicle.

By adding this layer of safety, it helps to reduce the risk. While it might still be possible for a thief to steal a vehicle, the technology available in the GPS tracking system you have installed will be able to alert you right away. Because it is a tracker, it also means that there is a better chance of recovering the car quickly.

Think about how often you use your vehicle and how you use it. You likely need to drive to get to and from work, as well as the grocery store and all of the other errands that you have to run. You also like the freedom of being able to get into your car and go. Now think about how much more difficult your life would be if you were to have your car stolen. By adding extra protection, you can help to keep your car safer and your life in order. You will also know the exact location of your car thanks to the satellite system.

How Does a GPS Tracking System Work?

Before delving into how these types of systems can work for a GPS in a car, it is important to have a broad overview of how GPS works. GPS stands for the global positioning system. It utilizes the Global Navigation Satellite System, GNSS network to do this. This is a system that features 24 satellites and ground stations and it is a utility operated by the United States. In addition to those 24, there are also an extra three satellites available in the event one was to fail for some reason. It was originally built for military use, but it is now a part of many civilian devices, such as smartphones.

The system is able to track the location of something on earth that has a GPS tracker on it. This includes a cell phone, as well as a vehicle with a GPS transmitter. The GPS will provide information on the location of that transmitter whether it is stationary or it is moving.

There are many uses for this technology today. Some companies will place trackers on their fleet of vehicles to monitor their vehicles. It can provide them with information on their progress and with some types of trackers, it can also provide safety data, such as the speed at which the vehicle was going. They can be used as a means to track people, as well.

The global positioning system uses the transmitters and GPS receivers in car navigation systems, along with three satellites to help pinpoint the car location. These satellites can help to triangulate the position of the vehicle in real-time. It’s known as trilateration, discussed below. Of course, you need to have a system that provides strong GPS signals.

What Is a GPS Car Tracker and How Does It Work?

When the GPS car tracker is placed in a vehicle, the GNSS is able to provide real-time data, as well as historical data. It does this by using a mathematical principle known as trilateration. This will help them to determine the real-time direction, speed, and location of the vehicle based on information from at least four GPS satellites.

While this is a lot of powerful technology and it seems like it might be expensive or that it might end up taking up a lot of space in a vehicle, that’s not the case. GPS is merely a system and if it can be run on your phone, it can certainly be run on a device that can be placed in your vehicle. In fact, the GPS tracking system devices that are available today are quite small and unnoticeable. They can be installed into your vehicle quickly and easily, as well.

The GPS car tracker can be installed into the diagnostic port on the car, called the OBD port. This is a fast and simple way to install a tracker and it has plug-and-play functionality. Anyone can install the system on their own by following the manufacturer’s instructions. Another option is to have the tracker hardwired to the vehicle’s battery. This will likely need to be done by a professional to ensure it is installed properly.

While the device itself is quite small, it does have a substantial amount of power and capability to it. The units feature an internal memory that can store data, as well as a backup battery and a SIM card that can be connected to the Internet. The device will take the data from the GPS satellites and then be able to calculate the location. It will then send the data to the server over the GSM cellular network. The server will then process the information that it receives from the tracker and store it securely.

There are some great benefits of these types of systems. There is the sheer amount of data and types of data that can be stored and examined later. There is also the ease with which users can have access to that information. They will have all of this data on demand. They can even see real-time data no matter where they are in the world, 24/7, as long as they have a connection to the web.

This information can be accessed through a web interface on a computer or by using a mobile app. Since most people today have a cellphone, they will want to have the app available. This will allow them to get alerts about their vehicle no matter where they are, which can help to make their vehicle safer since the owner will know right away when something is amiss. There are many different types of information obtained, giving you a great overview and real-time view of everything happening with the vehicle. This includes when the engine starts, when the vehicle moves, the speed, driving habits, and more. All of this information can be extremely useful in a host of ways.

When you choose a GPS-based tracking system for your car, it will provide you with data that you can’t get from a normal car navigation system. Keep in mind that the car navigation systems that are in use are for helping you to get around when you are driving. It is still GPS technology, but it’s not geared toward keeping your vehicle safe from thieves.

How Can the GPS Car Trackers Be Used?

You will find that the GPS car tracker can be highly useful whether you simply want to have more protection for your personal vehicle or if you are a business owner with vehicles that need to stay safe.

These devices are a cost-effective way to provide security for your vehicle and to provide real-time tracking when needed. Let’s consider some of the many ways that they could be used.

Private Use

First, you can – and should – use a GPS car tracker in your personal vehicle. It can provide you with the peace of mind that you need and deserve. You can set up push notifications to let you know whenever there is any sort of unexpected activity happening with your vehicle. This can help to reduce the chance of theft and because there is a real-time tracker, it can also increase your chance of getting the vehicle back.

However, there is another reason that you might want to have one of these devices in your car. If you allow other people to drive the vehicle, such as your teenager, the data you can see will be very helpful in determining how and where they are driving. It can provide you with notifications when the speed goes above a certain limit, for example. Some can let you know when there has been harsh braking or cornering. It can let you know where your teenager is, how they are driving, and whether there is an emergency. There is even an option for weekly driving reports, to give you an overview of how other people are handling the vehicle.

Business Use

As you might imagine, many businesses that have fleets of vehicles they use regularly can benefit from this type of data, as well. Whether you have delivery vehicles that deliver locally or vehicles that cross the state or the country to deliver goods, having this type of information will be extremely helpful. You can get a much better sense of how capable and safe the drivers are behind the wheel. This is important because you do not want to entrust your vehicles to those who are going to abuse them, speed, and potentially cause an accident. It could be used for salespeople and agents, as well. In fact, it could be beneficial to anyone who employs drivers at their company.

The tracking system also lets you have an understanding of how long it will take them to get to where they need to go thanks to the monitoring it offers. This tends to be more beneficial than a simple car navigation system. You can see if they are actually driving to their destinations or if they continue to make unscheduled stops. You do not want to have employees who are spending part of their day at home rather than making the rounds they are supposed to be making, for example. This can help lead to improved productivity, and it ensures that the office does not have to call the driver to ask them where they are. They can simply check the computer or app to get the answer. This will be appreciated by drivers who are stuck in traffic and who do not want to stop to answer the phone.

A car rental company might want to have these installed on its fleet of vehicles, as well. If people do not return the vehicles, for example, this could be a surefire way of retrieving the vehicle quickly.

GPS car tracker

Businesses will find that it also has the potential to help improve customer service. When a customer has scheduled a service, such as plumbing repair, for example, and the plumbers do not show up on schedule, the homeowner will often call the main office. With a tracking system on the vehicle, it will allow the office to know where the vehicle is located currently and how long it will take for them to arrive. They can then give their customers a more accurate estimate as to how much longer it will be.

As with private vehicles, sometimes company vehicles are stolen. By knowing the exact location of the vehicle, though, it will allow for a faster recovery. This can help people to get to the vehicle before it is stripped. It also means they will be able to get it back on the road and working for them rather than filling out insurance papers.

On the topic of insurance, though, many insurance companies will offer discounts to those who have a GPS car tracker installed. This is true for businesses, as well as for individuals.

The tracking systems are able to boost security, provide asset tracking, trip logging, and let you know who your teen drivers are doing behind the wheel. With all of these advantages and benefits, it is no wonder that more and more people are looking into using them on their vehicles.

What Options Are Available for Car Tracking Devices

If you have a car navigation system, you should know by now that it won’t keep your vehicle safe. It will help you get from place to place, like other types of GPS technology, but you need to have GPS that provides actual tracking features you can use when you aren’t in the vehicle. CarLock offers a range of options for GPS-based technology that could be installed in your vehicle.

One of the options is to have the GPS receiver connected to the OBD II port in your vehicle. This is a simple and fast way to get more protection and live reports on your car. You could get extension cables, so you can position the GPS receivers where you need them and so they are out of the way. Another option would be to have the GPS technology hardwired to the battery. It doesn’t use much battery power, and this helps to ensure that the device is hidden from thieves. You could also opt for a battery-powered device. This is a nice option because you can move it and hide it nearly anywhere in the vehicle and still get good GPS signals.

If You Have GPS Trackers, Do You Need a Car Navigation System?

Even though you may not need to have a car navigation system that’s separate from the tracker installed, it can be a nice feature. Many of the vehicles sold today have car navigation systems built right into them. They are good for finding your way through unfamiliar territories, and they are worth having. Just remember that car navigation systems are not replacements for a GPS tracker.

What to Look for When Choosing a GPS Car Tracker

Of course, you want to make sure that you are getting a quality GPS car tracking system for your vehicle before you spend the money. Therefore, you should have an idea of the types of features that you are going to want and need from one of the devices.

First, you will want to know how the devices are installed. As discussed above, you will have several options available with the types of devices for the GPS technology you are using. Will you need to hire someone to hardwire it to the battery for you, or will you instead be able to plug it into the OBD port on your own? The best car trackers on the market will have the SIM card preinstalled, so you will be able to get it up and running right out of the box. This presents less hassle and it ensures you get your car protected faster.

You will also want to know more about the reliability of the system and its reputation. This ensures that you are buying a high-quality tracker that works well and actually follows through on all of the marketing promises. Along the same lines, take the time to look at all of the features that the system offers to make sure they will work for your needs.

What about the pricing? Expensive does not always mean better, so do not simply look for the highest-priced option. Instead, you need to make sure that you are looking at the actual facts and features of the system. Find the best option and then look at the price. Because these are monitoring systems, there will be a fee to keep the system running. Often, there is a monthly fee that you can pay, or you could opt for paying a full year in advance. The latter option generally offers a discount.

You will also want to see if there is a contract or not. Stay away from companies that require you to sign a contract, as you do not want to be locked into a service. For example, you might decide that you no longer need the device, or you might even get rid of your vehicle. You do not want to have to keep paying for a service you are not using.

When you consider just how beneficial the GPS car trackers are and how much peace of mind they can provide, it’s easy to justify the price. For less than the price of most movie and TV streaming services, you will be able to have solid protection added to your vehicle.

It is also a good idea to consider checking out whether the company offers a warranty or not. Ideally, you will only be buying from a company if they are able to offer a warranty on their device. Otherwise, you never know exactly what you might be getting.

Before you choose your GPS car tracker, take the time to research the option you are considering. When you take a bit of time to think about the above things you should be looking for in a device, you will be happier with your choice.

Other Tips to Help Keep Your Vehicles Safe for Individuals and Businesses

In addition to having a GPS in the car and having an alarm, there are some other things that can be done to help decrease the risk for your vehicle or vehicles. For example, you need to think about where you are parking, especially at night. You will want to make sure that you find areas that are well-lit. While this is not necessarily going to stop all thieves, it will make most of them think twice. Most are looking for an easier target without the possibility of being seen. Have lighting in your driveway to help with this, and make sure you think about the lighting situation when you are parking out in the world. If you are parking during the day, think about what the area will look like at night. Are there streetlights nearby, or will it be completely dark?

You also need to make sure that you always know where your keys are. Do not leave the vehicle running – even for a minute – when you are not inside. Always make sure that the vehicle is locked when you leave it. Never just “think” that it’s locked. Double-check to make sure. You should never leave any valuables in sight in the vehicle, as well, because this can be tempting to thieves.

Combining some simple safety tips with a high-quality GPS tracking system and an alarm can help to ensure the safety of your vehicle.

Consider the Benefits Provided by CarLock

If you are looking for a high-quality GPS tracking system for your vehicle, check out the features and benefits that CarLock is able to offer. It includes the CarLock cloud, which is the link between the device you have in your vehicle and the app you have on your phone. This cloud is where all of the aforementioned data and information are stored.

Using GPS, the system will track the location of your vehicle, so all of that data can be sent to the cloud through the mobile network. The data is analyzed in the cloud and then push notifications are sent to you if there is any type of unexpected activity with the vehicle. It can include loud push notifications and/or SMS backup notifications.

Because the system uses GPS, you do not have to be near your vehicle to get the notifications. You can get them from anywhere in the world. It can let you know when the engine starts, when the vehicle moves outside of the locked area, and whenever there is any harsh acceleration. It can also let you know about any vibrations that are not normal, such as when the car is being towed, someone sits in the car, or when someone is trying to break into the vehicle. The system can provide alerts for speeding, harsh cornering, and even when the car battery is low. Some of the biggest benefits are that it can let you know when the device has been disconnected and when the GPS signal has been lost.

GPS vehicle tracker

There are plenty of great features of the CarLock device, making it the best option on the market today. Those who are interested in adding this layer of protection for their vehicle, or their fleet of vehicles, will want to check out what they offer.

Now that you have a better understanding of how GPS works and how a GPS in the car might be a good option for your needs, it is time to have one added to your vehicle. It is an easy and affordable way to get that extra protection that you need from all of the dangers in the world that your vehicle faces.