The CarLock Tag 1.0

We are very excited to announce the first hardware extension to the CarLock car security solution — the CarLock Tag. The Carlock tag is a small Bluetooth device that connects directly to the CarLock app on your phone and automates the unlocking and locking of your car’s location. By default, your car’s location can be automatically unlocked when the CarLock Tag is within range of your CarLock device and automatically locked when it is out of range.

The CarLock Tag

The CarLock Tag is designed to make the process of using CarLock’s security functions easier by automating the process of enabling or disabling vehicle monitoring. From now on, you will no longer need to reach in your pocket, unlock the phone, and open the CarLock app to disable vehicle monitoring before starting the car. The CarLock Tag will do it for you, avoiding the false alarm.

You can buy the CarLock Tag on Amazon.

(CarLock Tag with CarLock devices purchased after January 1. 2018. To confirm whether your CarLock device supports the use of Tags, please check the SmartLock tab in your CarLock app. If Tags are not supported, you will see a warning message. Contact our support team that will help you with that issue: contact here)

Simply pair the CarLock Tag with the CarLock app on your phone and place the CarLock Tag somewhere to have it with you all the time (we recommend placing it in your wallet or on your keys).

Find detailed instructions on how to pair the CarLock Tag for your iPhone or Android phone HERE.

You can get the CarLock Tag for every car you use CarLock with or even multiple tags for each car if you choose to.

After everything is set up and the CarLock tag is somewhere with you (for example in your wallet), you will receive a push notification with a distinctive sound, every time you move away or come close to the car.

How the CarLock Tag Works


With the CarLock Tag, we are completing and publishing the release of our SmarLock functionalities. When you open the Dashboard, you will find the new SmartLock tab — the third tab — where Scheduler used to be. Don’t worry, Scheduler is still there but it is now part of the new and improved SmartLock functionalities.

The CarLock Tag Interface
The CarLock Tag Interface

With new and improved SmartLock functionalities you can either choose to use Scheduler and Timer Lock or the new CarLock Tag — a revolutionary way to automate the process of enabling and disabling vehicle monitoring without your input, making sure your car is safe when parked.

For more information, please visit our help center

Let us know what you would like to see in the future.  Send us an email at and share your CarLock Tag experience with us.

The CarLock Team